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Pacifico is a celebration of Colombia, the unknown and exuberant.

Sobre la diseñadora

CANO, the traditional Colombian Jewelry House and creative director Paula Mendoza looked into the richness and exuberant beauty of the Colombian Pacific for their new Fall/Winter 2019 collection. They tell the story through a beautiful nymph that appears in the raw and exotic Pacific jungles and beaches of NUQUI.

This woman, with a mysterious beauty explores the territory just as the CANO Family did some 100 years before in search of Pre-Columbian treasures in Colombia...In her exploration she comes across the most incredible gold treasures; treasures that she uses to decorate herself and become part of her expression and an extension to her body. For CANO, PACIFICO is a different medium to celebrate a remote and forgotten Colombia from a place that is still very much unknown and is part of Colombia’s most sacred secret.

The Pacific coast, home to rich jungles, untouched beaches and the Emberá indigenous community, among others.PACIFICO was a way to get closer to our roots and indigenous communities and continue to learn from their way of life and cosmology. Cano is proud of the talented young team behind this campaign and our continual effort to showcase Colombia and the rich history we have in our hands.

Today CANO has a challenge: To translate these Pre-Columbian treasures into a modern language that can communicate to everyone that these jewels are not only a piece of history but modern cosmology with ancient tradition.This collection is a commitment with Colombia and it allows those that wear one of CANO’s pieces to tell stories of the country’s  history and their indigenous communities.

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