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Nomad collection is inspired by the nomadic spirit of a traveling and free woman always on the move.

NOMAD SS18 COLLECTION We make a tour of different regions inhabited by indigenous ethnic groups during the pre-Columbian era and characterized by the production of pieces of high quality and beauty in gold. We emphasize symbolic pieces of the Quimbayas, the embossed pectorals of the Zenúes and the Caliphs, the snakes and some insignificant figures of the Taironas and the Muiscas.

We emphasize the appreciation of pre-Columbian cultures for the precious stones they used in their ornaments and sacred objects, such as onyx, jasper and jade.

Collection designed by Juanita Gil, graduated in fashion and textile design by the Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Then, in Madrid, I worked for three years in LOEWE in the area of ​​Development and Special Projects for the collections of accessories, silk and jewelry. I am currently the leading designer of the Fashion and Accessories Program (MODA VIVA) of Artesanías de Colombia.

The link with artisanal work and highlighting the Colombian tradition from a more contemporary perspective, was a key factor to begin this collaboration with Cano jewerly.

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