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Milenial heritage

A heritage brand, Cano jewerly is a Colombian tradition jewelry house who was worked alongside artisans for over 100 years. Each piece is elaborated using the lost wax process. Artisans make each piece in wax and later cast using brass and finish with a 24k gold plating. The artisans work with a deep understanding of millennial traditions and patronage in translating the ancient to a relevant contemporary design.


It is the story of a unique heritage, a combination of experience, ingenuity and passion that the company safeguards and revitalizes in all its disciplines and skills. Faithful to ancestral techniques, its artisans and gold smiths perpetuate, day after day, the beautiful, timeless pieces inspired in our history reshaping and evolving designs with a deftness of touch that have always distinguished the fine Cano reproductions.


A Cano piece can become a unique inspiration with a historical tie to a beautiful past. Each hand made piece replicated from an ancient design has an origin and a story behind which gives life to an artistic tradition. The pieces are made to last with the proper care for many years and possess a relevant design and craft that bridges the past and the present.


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