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Colombia collection is a tribute to our country, to our indigenous people and to the inheritance that they leave us behind

About the designer

A medium for people to discover a piece of Colombia’s heritage through a traditional craft. Cano Jewelry has exemplified Colombia’s culture through 100 years of tradition since the first indigenous burial was discovered by the family. It was later with the second generation when Guillermo Cano started the jewelry business. It is for this reason that the brand’s first international collection is named as such.

Cano Jewelry has the exclusive rights to reproduce pieces that are found today in the Gold Museum in Bogota, including 7,000 molds of 12 indigenous communities. Having this in their possession, it is safe to say that Cano Jewelry holds in their hands a significant piece of Colombian history. For the first time since the brands inception, the Cano family has decided to offer a designer to join in on their journey. Due to the 16-year trajectory of Colombian designer Paula Mendoza, her work with indigenous communities and her representation of Colombia abroad, the Cano family has named her Creative Director.

Today, Paula faces the challenge of working with the most respected and renown jewelry house in Colombia to recreate traditional designs in a more contemporary way while respecting ancestral heritage. Her goal is to show Colombia through her optic and to commemorate her country through the Cano universe.Colombia Collection is the result of the collaboration between a jewelry house with more than 100 years of tradition and a contemporary jewelry designer who is known for her bold and loud designs for women around the world.

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